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I was hired as a freelancer to design the Interaction & UX of the app,

ensuring a seamless journey for the users.

From understanding client requirements to designing final product.

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Approach & Design

Seamless, user-friendly & easily adoptable app interface for non- tech-savvy fishermen


Before the introduction of the Catch Manager app, commercial fishermen faced the cumbersome task of manually recording and submitting their trip and catch details to the Department of Fisheries. This process was time-consuming & prone to errors.

The challenge was designing an interface simple enough for low-tech fishermen to understand as well as adapt to the new digital process of recording and reporting trip details.

What I did

To ensure the smooth collaboration, I began by understanding the client's requirements & drafting a PRD.

Did a persona identification for a better understanding of user needs, goals & current challenges. This approach helped in designing a more tailored and effective solution to meet user needs.

Designed a user-friendly app interface specially focused on maximum adoption and usability.

Special attention was given to creating an interface that would cater to even the least tech-savvy users.

User Interface Design

Some of the UI screens & components designed for Catch Manager.

Design Portfolio 2023

© Shreyas Deshmukh

That's all for Catch Manager - thanks for your time!

Simplifying trip details recording & reporting for commercial fishermen


iOS & Android App


Product Designer



Catch Manager is an e-logbook that revolutionizes the way fishermen record, manage, and submit their trip details to the Department of Fisheries, Iceland.

The app not only streamlines data recording & reporting but also ensures compliance with the mandatory reporting requirements imposed by the Iceland Government.

Design Portfolio 2023

© Shreyas Deshmukh

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