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I was hired as a freelancer to design the Interaction & UX of the app,

ensuring a seamless journey for the users.

From understanding client requirements to designing final product.

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Phase 1
Client Requirements & PRD

Started with understanding client requirements & drafting a PRD for the project

It wasn't just another social media platform where one could share photos and videos; it was unique. To design the product, it was crucial to understand the company's idea, underlying thoughts & vision.

After a long conversation with the Founder & Product Leader about the product, audience, goals & preferences, I drafted a PRD to ensure seamless collaboration.

This approach helped me design the product smoothly and collaboratively with fewer iterations.

Phase 2

Target Audience

Interacted with proxy users to understand the target audience

To craft a user-centric solution, it was necessary to understand users. To achieve this, we conducted user interviews & desk research to understand users in a better way.

Real users were not feasible, so we conducted interviews with proxy users who shared similarities with real ones.

After some thought & consideration, we concluded on these 2 potential user personas:

Tech-savvy Users

Non-tech-savvy Users

Phase 3

Design System

Drafted a design system to ensure uniform & seamless interaction throughout a product

Once the design style had been confirmed, I drafted a flexible Design System before diving into the final design.

This system ensured initial consistency throughout the product by pre-defining basic elements such as colours, fonts, icons, styles, etc.

The design system was flexible enough to expand or contract as needed over time during the design process.

Phase 4

Product Design

Presenting final designs:
Functional and engaging user interface ensuring seamless journey for users

The perfect blend of aesthetics & usability!

The real challenge: converting thoughts into visuals. While designing, I ensured that the designs are aesthetically pleasing and usable as well as aligned with business goals.

The goals we were trying to achieve through design was:


Easy adoption

Since this was a one-of-a-kind app, we focused on designing an intuitive interface so anglers could quickly and easily adopt the app.



As a way to improve adoption, we decided to keep the design familiar for the users while still maintaining its uniqueness.


Better user engagement

Added interactive components, motions, and visual delights to create an immersive experience, encouraging users to explore and enjoy the product.


Home - engage, interact & stay up-to-date with the community

A central hub for anglers to explore and interact with the latest updates & achievements from their circle.

Specially displaying specifications upfront with visuals in the feed, ensuring anglers easily discover & appreciate each impressive catch.


Showcase yourself through Profile

A socio-personal space for anglers to showcase their angling journey, adventures & achievements to the world.


Angling Trips - share your adventure with community

A well-designed interface and easy-to-use interaction make it easy for users to share their angling experiences, moments and catches with the community, along with specifications!

Other screens

Some of the other screens & pages designed for Piscator.

Design Portfolio 2023

© Shreyas Deshmukh

That's all for Piscator - thanks for your time!

Community app specially designed for professional Anglers

Social Media

iOS & Android App


Product Designer



Piscator is a social app for anglers to connect with like-minded fishing enthusiasts around the globe.

It provides a platform for anglers to explore, interact & share their trips and catches with the community.

Design Portfolio 2023

© Shreyas Deshmukh

The website is only available on desktop or laptop!